Digital Advertising for Growing Fashion Brands

With Freelance Digital Marketer Kellen Anderson

Why Work With an Advertiser?

Increased Revenue

All the major clothing and cosmetic brands use advertisements.

Digital advertisements are a guaranteed way to achieve great results in a manageable timeframe.

Increased Brand Awareness

Selling to consumers is largely dependent on recognition and repetition. 

With targeted advertising, your brand will become recognizable to the audience that matters most.

Budget Flexibility

Some companies will spend as much as $15,000/month on advertisements. If you feel you don't have the money for advertising you might be surprised to know that you can get sizeable results for as little as $750/month.


About Me


Growth and Passion

My brother invited me into his marketing agency while I was studying business at the University of Utah.


We managed thousands of dollars in ad budget for several brands and worked strategically to provide as much value as possible to our clients.


I found I had a growing interest in fashion and apparel and eventually decided to pursue my own path where my passion for the products would match my drive to lead myself and others to success.

Fitted To Fashion Brands

Work with an expert and blogger in the field of fashion marketing who  has the technical abilities to run and scale digital advertisements.

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Platform Versatility

A step ahead of most freelance advertisers, I believe in helping fashion and clothing brands advertise wherever best suites their goals for growth and revenue.

Experienced and Certified Marketer

I've studied at the University of Utah and the Digital Marketing Institute in the UK and have been certified as a digital marketer. 

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"Digital advertising and marketing is a complex science that allows brands to connect with consumers in powerful and targeted ways."

-Gwyneth Moore, Fashion Promotion: Building a Brand Through Marketing and Communication, 2021

Advertising Strategy

Brand and Competitive Strategy

Many freelance advertisers will rely solely on Facebook to help their clients reach their goals, though this isn't strictly the best method.

In the current environment of marketing and technology, a popular brand needs to have omnipresence across social media.

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I'll help you choose the platform best suited to your goals



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Google Ad Words

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And Others

Let's invest where your fashion brand will be most successful


Set a Budget, $750 - $3000 per month

The advertising expenses, or ad spend, will vary between brands. I'll help you understand how much you need to spend on social media ads to reach your goals and how you'll get the most out of your investment.


Claim the Returns, paying 10% in commission

With performance-based compensation, you are guaranteed the best work I have to offer. The commission fee is equal to 10% of the acquired revenue.

"I Want to Help Share With the World What Makes Your Brand Unique"


Connect With Kellen

I'd love to give you a call and learn how I can help drive your brand forward! Submit the Calendly link to schedule a

time that works for you.


Salt Lake City, UT

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