I started as a digital marketer while studying business at the University of Utah. My brother was freelancing as a Facebook advertiser for various kinds of businesses and I decided to join him out of curiosity towards the work.

I consider marketing to be a vast and difficult subject, but it was fascinating—particularly the digital subset. My brother and I managed thousands of dollars in ad spend for several brands until I decided it would be better for myself if I pursued my own freelance practice.


I found myself growing more interested in fashion and business skills required to succeed in the fashion industry. I took a deep study of this field and found it also to be incredibly fascinating. My love for the products matches my prowess to market them and I'm always excited to work with more brands!

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I manage brand's ad accounts on Facebook, Google, and other desired platforms. Pinterest and Snapchat are usually the runner-ups platforms for advertising fashion.

Smaller brands I work with can expect to increase their revenue beyond $30k or more, with a return on ad spend (ROAS) of about 1.8%—3%. The same ROAS applies to larger or medium-sized brands as well. 


I handle the bidding, scaling, copywriting, keyword research, and performance monitoring. Unfortunately I do NOT produce the photos and videos used in the advertisements. It is the client's responsibility to provide these.

I look forward to working with you!