Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started?

Facebook/Instagram: You need (1) a Facebook page, (2) a Facebook ad account, and (3) a spending budget. I'll walk you through how to connect me to your account as an agent.

Google: A website.

Pinterest: A Pinterest account, no business

account needed.

Do I have to provide photos/videos for the advertisements?

Yes. You’ll send me any photos/videos to be used in the ads (sometimes referred to as creative assets) and I’ll apply them as needed. Generally it’s good to use new creatives every one or two weeks to avoid what’s called ‘ad fatigue.’

What kind of companies benefit from your services?

Small or growing fashion brands will benefit the most from my services, with medium-size brands following behind. 

What if my existing ad account is disabled?

Facebook mistakenly disables ad accounts all the time due to mistaking the advertiser for spam or a fraudulent account. I’ll take care of the re-approval process for you free of charge.

What is the client onboarding process like?

After we’ve agreed to a plan of action and compensation on the phone, Zoom, or via email, I’ll send you some written steps for providing me access to your existing ad accounts (or help you create them if you don’t have any). If you no longer need my services I’ll remove myself from your ad account. From there I’ll set up campaigns, ads, copy, bidding, etc.

Will I be charged for ad spend?

Yes, Facebook will charge YOU to run your ads on their platform. You will also be paying me for my ad management services according to the listed pricing.