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A Brand That's Helping Women Feel Sexy and Fight Breast Cancer

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

At one point in Soho, NYC you could find a brand setting up a pop-up shop with the mission to serve a very specific group of women better than any other. Founder Alice Kim has struggled to find the right bra for herself many times in the past, and she's crafted a solution for her and other women by making a sustainable women's top brand.

Her company, PerfectDD, specializes in bras with a DD+ cup, sizes 0-12. "No more pulling across the chest or buttons popping open."

Perfect Positioning

They use high quality Pima cotton, headstock Heather Grey fabric, low-impact dyes, and a multitude of other sustainable products to make their apparel. Alice Kim takes pride in the ethic and rare quality of her tops.

Other women have been able to connect with Kim's vision such as Divya Gugnanil,

co-founder of Wander Beauty, or stylist Joiee Thorpe. There has also been a lot of user-generated content around the brand, as Kim says all their ambassadorship has been completely organic.

I would personally describe Alice Kim as a perfectly apt entrepreneur and leader for this brand.

Alice Kim, founder & CEO of PerfectDD
Alice Kim, founder & CEO of PerfectDD

"As a size 32DD, I've struggled my entire life to find tops that fit and flatter. I always end up looking too showy or like a tent! If a top fits my shoulders, it pulls across my chest. If I size up (to accommodate my chest), I look 20 pounds heavier — making shopping frustrating. Getting the right fit is crucial for women with large chests!"

"Having worked in the fashion industry for almost two decades for leading brands like Victoria Secret, Prada, and DVF, I felt ready and determined to create a solution."

Fashion Trends and Body Types

PerfectDD puts a lot of emphasis on their accommodating women of varying bodies, including large-chested and plus size. Nathan Hughes, marketing director at Diggity Marketing, provides some insight on why a brand like PerfectDD has caught so much traction.

"I have over 9 years of experience in the marketing industry... Fashion marketing has always been about promoting bold attires that are completely different from mainstream clothing. However, that led to harmful body and beauty maintenance trends.

Contemporary trends and upcoming trends in the fashion industry will normalize different human bodies including plus-size bodies. The fashion industry will incorporate empowerment and acceptance issues into its marketing."

As awareness and acceptance of differing body types spreads, it would explain why PerfectDD is received with more open arms than they might have been 20 years ago. They stand among the modern brands that have a zealous support for women.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kim has also lead the brand to take a remarkably active role in the fight against breast cancer. PerfectDD teamed up with photographer Sophie Elgort to create a series of limited edition black and white nude portraits "celebrating a woman's body, specifically boobs, including women who have had a mastectomy," Kim says.

Limited Edition Pink Muscle Tee
Limited Edition Pink Muscle Tee

They plan to hold the portraits on auction October 18—25 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to 12 Months of Giving, Keep a Breast Foundation, and Michelle's Place Cancer Resource.

But their devotion to women doesn't end there. They've also released a limited edition, pink muscle tee. 10% of sales from the shirt will also be given to the three charities.

By serving a specific group of women, making products of timeless quality, and strengthening women in the fight against breast cancer, PerfectDD shows their true colors (pink being one of them) in their support for women and acceptance of varying bodies.

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