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The Brand That Will be at Your Next Weekend Party

Enjoying your Friday night at a rave almost always entails drug use of some kind, but also rave queens—the scantily clad women who make the party both fun and extreme. You'll notice at a rave that none of the queens have such disregard as to wear lingeries but instead their clothes are geared specifically towards raves and festivities.

Brian Lim, founder and CEO of iHeartRaves

They get their signature clothing from brands such as iHeartRaves, a brand that specializes in rave wear for both men and women. They currently gross $30 million a year have been featured in the Inc. 5000 six years in a row.

With this level of success, it may not come as a surprise that their CEO Brian Lim was featured on Shark Tank and secured a deal with Mark Cuban and Daymond John.

iHeartRaves' Market Position

"In 2010, we saw that cute, affordable rave apparel and EDM clothing from a reliable company was hard to come by and decided that we could make high quality, fashionable rave clothing for women and men more easily accessible."

iHeartRaves has hundreds of eye-catching t-shirt prints in their men's wear section, and hundreds more uniquely designed women's rave wear.

Many of their clothes bear the psychedelic theme (which is apparently in season) with other common themes being glittery, or dark and angsty. Just the sheer volume of their library makes them difficult to emulate or compete with.

As with any niche, there are competitors. But this positioning has paid off handsomely for the brand, as is evident in their revenue and their ranking in the top 3 results on Google for the search term "rave wear." (Of course, this is also due in no small part to an effective use of SEO).

Branding and Influencers

iHeartRaves also has an intimate relationship with the community they serve, a crucial ingredient in branding:

"We truly value the culture of the EDM community and are dedicated to the growth. This is a community we hold close to our hearts. It’s very important to us that we stay heavily involved in the EDM scene so that we are able to thoughtfully curate our rave clothing collections to provide ravers with a way to showcase their personal style through rave clothes and EDM clothing."

The photo above was ambassador content made by @nbkittiekat on Instagram. She was promoting the recent collaboration with EDM artist Jauz.

The brand uses ambassador deals extensively, cutting the ambassadors a deal of 10% of any sales they generate with their content. The brand sends them some sample garb and asks that they post the content in three different places (e.g. Instagram, Instagram story, TikTok). They also give the ambassador a coupon to use on their site.

iHeartRaves takes advantage of holiday opportunities by increasing the rewards that ambassadors get around Black Friday and Cyber Monday time. Their affiliate sales increase by 20%—30% around these times because of the increased incentives.

The influencers that brand choses are all perfect for the task, usually models that focus on the rave theme. Some of them include:

Because these marketing tactics have worked so well for iHeartRaves it's most likely they'll keep using them; ambassadors, collaboration with influencers, and seasonal promotions.

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