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The Business of Sexy: How a new Lingerie Brand Took Center Stage

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

When marketing a lingerie brand, you might at first find yourself with limited options. The promises that the misses will be very pleased may eventually fail to promote a brand trying to make its way into the less-noticed parts of the fashion industry. Unless, like Angie's Showroom, you can differentiate yourself both in product and in media coverage.

Behind the Curtains

Angie's Showroom gave women a product that provides quality, style, and satisfaction, all while being sustainable. The brand handcrafts lingeries in Europe with silk, satin, and French or Italian laces. Their products are meant to be comfortable, fitting, and high in quality.

Founder Angelina Mahany is an ex-ballerina from Moscow with experience in corporate marketing in Russia, France, and Cyprus. Upon coming to the United States she noticed a gap in the market for lingeries.

She tells her story of "searching for a perfect fit in a lingerie set with the perfect colours and the perfect material without luck... I decided to set up my own shop and solve the problem not only for me, but thousands of women with the same sentiments."

Angelina Mahaney—founder & CEO of Angie's Showroom
Angelina Mahany—founder & CEO of Angie's Showroom

Angie's Showroom also sets themselves apart by making products that are designed to last. They remain fashionable between seasons and they're resistant to wear, "putting an end to the vicious fast-fashion cycle."


Promoting lingeries isn't much more difficult than other niches of the fashion business, but it does demand more caution. Brand ambassadors, for instance, must be 21 years of age or older for obvious reasons.

Angie's compensates their ambassadors with 15% off personal orders, 8% of net sales from the promo code they're provided—or they can choose to have discounts on their next purchase, a 10% off promo code to share with followers, friends and family, and a chance to be featured on the brand's Instagram so as to promote themselves.

Press Coverage and Branding

Press is the other messy aspect of the lingerie business, but Mahany and her agency Catalyst Brand Strategy have handled it remarkably well.

Their website's blog covers style guides, gift guides, and the brand's new releases, and does so in a personable way. More importantly, Mahany has been featured on Thrive Global and Authority Magazine talking about her entrepreneurial journey and her lifestyle advice she gives her audience.

Her brand is ultimately positioned as a go to gift guide site, lingerie care, how best to use social media to market your brand, what best bra to wear, how to get a perfect night sleep, etc. They've excelled in their branding with insightful content as well as with a profound understanding of their audience.

Mahany's agency worked closely with her consumers to discover that they "'felt they deserved to have it all,' without compromise." They also discovered (to no surprise in 2021) that her target audience was concerned about the ethical production and sustainability of the brand they were buying from. Hence Angie's Showroom documents on their website their use of ethical European manufacturers.

Angie's has carved a space for itself by making high-quality, lasting products based on a deep understanding of their audience. They've also created a very simple ambassadorship program and, most interestingly, positioned themselves in media to be a brand that's not just about lingeries, but lifestyle, business, and fashion.

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